Wednesday, June 29, 2011

jQuery Mobile

Once decided that jQuery will be my choice to write javascript code, I faced the challenge to find an easy way to write mobile applications. To my surprise I came across jQuery Mobile, a javascript framework for creating websites optimized for the most popular mobile devices. This framework adds a layer on top of jQuery and meets some needs that developers of mobile devices have.

Before the appearance of these javascript frameworks, developers had to program websites for each particular device. This caused a lot of work for the creation and maintenance of these mobile sites. However, jQuery Mobile abstracts the specific logic of each device, so programmers can focus on what really matters.

jQuery Mobile works. While this is a very new project, a few months of life, it is giving a lot of talk, consolidating itself increasingly as the framework for the creation of star websites for mobile phones and tablets.

jQuery Mobile Features

  • Ease of Use: eases the development of user interfaces for mobile devices.
  • HTML5 markup driven support: When using this framework, we will forget to type JavaScript code. By using HTML tags, the rendering time will be processed by jQuery Mobile.
  • Multiple platforms supported: jQuery supports many devices and technologies, such as: IOS, Android, Blackberry, Palm WebOS, Symbian, Windows Mobile, etc..
  • Small size: All compressed library weighs less than 12K.
  • Custom Themes: The framework presents some utilities for managing themes. You can also create custom themes.

You can find more info and an example at

There's a great book and online course you can purchase at

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